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Once we upgraded our home by adding a new sound system and home theater system, we found ourselves neck-deep in electrical device problems. It seemed like no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't figure out how to troubleshoot some of the devices. It was frustrating. Fortunately, a friend of ours took the time to come over and teach us more about figuring out electrical issues. After a little work, we were able to get all of our systems working beautifully. I wanted to make this blog to help other homeowners who might be bad with electronics. Read on to learn how to troubleshoot your gadgets.

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Troubleshooting Electronic Devices

Promote A New Line Of Cupcakes At Your Bakery While Adding Decorative Appeal

by Summer Li

If you own a small bakery and would like to promote a new line of cupcakes, the following tips will help your customers learn about the baked goods while adding decorative appeal to inside and outside of your establishment.

LED Lighting For A Refrigerated Case

Install LED lighting inside of the refrigerated case that you use to store baked items. If the case is located behind a counter in the bakery, consider moving it towards the front portion of your store so that customers can easily gaze inside of it to see what types of items you are selling. LED lighting will enhance the colors of icing and sprinkles that adorn the tops of cupcakes and will make it convenient for you to locate specific items when a customer places an order.

Lighting can be secured underneath the shelves that are in a case or can be attached to the sides of a case's interior. Purchase additional LED bulbs to use as replacements when the first set of bulbs stop working. If you would like to provide your customers with a self-serve station, place bags, boxes, and tongs on the top of the refrigerated case. Allow customers to use the tongs to select the items from the case that they prefer. Afterwards, they can bring the items up to the cash register to pay for them. 

Posters And Neon Light Tubes

Order posters that feature pictures of the cupcakes and that have a description of the baked treats printed across them from a printing company. Hang the posters on your bakery's exterior or along the interior walls. Secure neon light tubes under the posters before plugging each tube's electrical cord into an outlet. If customers come in and aren't sure what to purchase, they will be greeted with a colorful display and may become interested in trying out the new line of products once they read the description that is displayed on one of the posters. 

Cupcake Costume And Samples

Purchase a cupcake costume or make one out of fabric and basic adornments and ask one of your employees to wear it while they stand outside and give away free samples of the cupcakes that you are promoting. If you opt to make a costume, a basic leotard can be worn and will cover an individual's legs and arms. A circular tube that is made out of plastic can be covered with fabric that is the color of one of the cupcakes. A hat that has colorful sequins sewn onto it can be used to represent the icing and sprinkles that are on one of the cupcakes.

At the beginning of a shift, ask one of your staff members to put the costume on before heading outdoors with a tray of samples. As people ride or walk by, they will see the cupcake character and may be inclined to stop by and sample one of the baked treats. 

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