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Once we upgraded our home by adding a new sound system and home theater system, we found ourselves neck-deep in electrical device problems. It seemed like no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't figure out how to troubleshoot some of the devices. It was frustrating. Fortunately, a friend of ours took the time to come over and teach us more about figuring out electrical issues. After a little work, we were able to get all of our systems working beautifully. I wanted to make this blog to help other homeowners who might be bad with electronics. Read on to learn how to troubleshoot your gadgets.

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Troubleshooting Electronic Devices

4 Benefits Of Using Infrared Cameras For Backyard Animal Control

by Summer Li

The property lines on your home may be obvious to other humans, but for wild animals, the place is an area to explore and examine. When wild animals roam on your property, it can create a number of concerns for the safety and well-being of everyone in the home. Instead of setting random traps or trying to ignore the problem, you can help monitor your backyard with the use of thermal infrared cameras. Instead of showcasing standard video capturing, the infrared cameras have the ability to see changes in temperature and animals that are moving across your property. There are four benefits to using a thermal infrared camera on your property. Once applied, it can offer year-round monitoring of the wild animal life.

Pets & Farm Animals

One of the biggest concerns for your backyard is the safety of pets and farm animals. If a dog or cat needs to get let out at night, you can feel safer from knowing that there are not predators on your property. For example, both coyotes and raccoons can act as a danger to cats. Before letting your pet outside the home, an infrared camera can scan the backyard area to determine that the coast is clear. If you own farm animals like chickens or goats, a mounted camera can provide monitoring throughout the night. This is a great way to track and stop foxes and other creatures from causing harm to the farm animals.

Tracking Animal Behaviors

A lot of times, the critters that enter your backyard are not just roaming around aimlessly. There is a typically a goal that they seek. This can be a number of things, including a water source or a food source like garbage bins. By recording overnight footage on a thermal camera, you can track behaviors and use these details to implement deterrents. For example, if you notice that raccoons are trying to get into the trash area, you can add extra elements to secure the area and use natural deterrent scents. It's also an ideal way to set animal traps and relocate the animals far away from your home.

Animal Attacks

If you arrive home from work in the dark or have to go outside in the dark hours of morning, then you can feel comforted with the use of a thermal infrared camera. The cameras can help alert you of an animal presence and help prevent a random attack. Along with a defensive physical attack, one thing that the cameras are great for is detecting skunks. Getting sprayed by a skunk can result in a terrible odor. Their dark fur makes it hard to see at night and a thermal camera can provide the visuals necessary to track any animal activity. If you smell a skunk in the area, pulling out the camera is a great way to do a quick scan. A number of the these cameras are handheld with LCD screens, making it easy to carry around and get the exact angle that you need.

Distance Covered

A porch light can only see so far into the backyard. Beyond the lighted areas, it may be hard to tell what types of animals are present. A thermal camera can easily cover your whole property, because a number of the cameras can see for distances over 2km, which converts to just a little over one mile. A wide-angle lens offers the ability to scan your whole backyard, even in complete darkness. The distance coverage allows you to monitor your property without stepping into the dark or possibly getting face to face with an animal. A camera mounting system allows you to set up the device in a permanent location and turn it on as night falls.

Once you get used to the different controls, settings, and features, you can keep your backyard free of unwanted pests. A number of these cameras are sold to hunters, and it's similar models like those that will be the most effective in your backyard.

For more information and options, talk with companies that supply infrared cameras, such as Infrared Cameras Inc..